Day 23: Harlem Macaroni Kid Countdown to Christmas

Family Traditions: Make a Christmas Dov

By Tamika December 2, 2021

#Day23 #countdowntoxmas 

Today, our family made Christmas Dove and made it fly.

Directions for Christmas Dove

Step 1: Fold the paper down to half of the paper and cut off the bottom

Step 2: Make a small fold from one corner. Fold again and again in the same direction

Step 3: Stop when you reach the middle. Draw on eyes, wings, legs, and a beak

Step 4: Bend the paper around, so the two pointed ends overlap

Step 5: Stick one point on top of the other with tape

Step 6: cut the extra strap in half lengthways. Tape one piece over to join

Enjoy and fly your dove