Cyber Monday Deals

November 28, 2022

Our Small Businesses are having some amazing Cyber Monday Specials, remember to support our local businesses because all the revenue stays in our community.

Harlem Macaroni Kid: Attention small business owners; save 70% off all our 2022 and 2023 packages until 11:59 pm tonight. Email or signup here to get started. We have 657 harlem parents subscribers and another 10 sign up daily!

Cooking with Meeks: While preparing and cooking your Thanksgiving meal, was there anything you noticed that needs to be replaced or upgraded? Do you need new spatulas, bakeware, serving dishes, or cookware? If so, I'd like to help you get them before the next holiday. Free shipping, no matter the size of the order

Book Fairy: They have 100's of books on sale for just $10.00. You can get home-school material, science experiments, learn how to draw, and prepare everyone for learning. 

Mapp Capital Holdings has a Cyber Monday Special going on right now. Commit to funding and send money by 11:59 Monday and earn an extra 1% interest. Rates vary from 10% - 25% plus an extra 1% for Cyber Monday. Minimum commitment $500. Email for presentation