Day 21: Harlem Macaroni Kid Countdown to Christmas

Family Traditions: Upcycle Christmas Crafts

December 5, 2022

I don't know about you, but I have plenty of construction paper, toilet paper rolls, and water bottles around the house. 

For Day 21: we are using all of these things to make holiday crafts that we can give to each other, our neighbors or seniors in the community to put smiles on their face during the holidays.

You can make silly Santa with toilet paper rolls. 

Items needed

red, brown, black and white piece of paper


red pompom

wiggly eyes

toilet paper roll


any color button


Wrap the red paper around your TP roll, and put with either the brown or white paper at tip of the tp roll.

Take the black paper and cut a small rectangle in it, and it need to be bigger than the button

put the wiggly eyes, cotton, and nose on the white or brown paper

Take a piece of red paper and make small cone to make hat

Congratulations, you made a santa.

If you do any of these crafts or recipes please tag us a @mackidharlem on all social media and use #mackidchristmasscountdown