Day 19: Harlem Macaroni Kid Christmas Countdown

Family Traditions: Tree Sandwiches

By Tamika December 6, 2022

What better way is to spend time with each family member? One of our holiday memories is making Star Sandwiches in our favorite deli meats and cheeses. 

Sandwiches look fun to cut into trees, but you can use any shape of a cookie cutter you find.

You'll need

a festive cookie cutter

2 slices of bread

softened butter or plant-based spread

sandwich fillings such as sliced cucumbers, tomato, jam, peanut butter, cheese, or your favorite deli meat

Step 1: Cut as many shapes as you can

Step 2: Spread butter, jam, or mayo on one side of each shape

Step 3: Put some fillings on half the shapes. Put the other shape on top

Step 4: Enjoy