Father's Day Gift Ideas that Kids can get for Dad

By Tamika Mapp May 21, 2023

Father's Day is right around the corner. Here are 10 creative gift ideas for dad.

DIY Interactive Storybook: Kids can create a personalized storybook for their dad by writing and illustrating a short story. To make it interactive, they can add hidden flaps or pockets with surprise messages or drawings. Save 10%: Coupon Code: HARLEMMACFATHER

Handprint Memory T-Shirt: Kids can dip their hands in fabric paint and create handprints on a plain t-shirt. They can then write or draw special memories inside the handprints that they shared with their dad.

Personalized Coupon Book: Children can make a coupon book filled with special favors or activities they can do for their dad. Each coupon can be decorated with drawings or stickers, and dad can redeem them whenever he wants.

DIY Photo Frame: Kids can decorate a plain photo frame with colorful buttons, beads, or other craft supplies. They can then choose a favorite photo of themselves and their dad to put in the frame.

Storytelling Jar: Kids can write different story prompts on small pieces of paper and put them in a jar. Each prompt can be something like "Tell a funny story about our family." Dad can pick a prompt from the jar, and the whole family can take turns telling stories.

T-Shirt Masterpiece: Children can draw or paint a masterpiece using fabric markers or paints on a plain white t-shirt. They can let their creativity flow and create a unique design that reflects their dad's interests or hobbies. Save 10%: Coupon Code: HARLEMMACFATHER

Personalized Comic Book: Kids can create a comic book featuring their dad as the superhero. They can draw different scenes and write a short storyline showcasing their dad's amazing qualities and adventures.

Memory Jar: Children can decorate a jar and fill it with small notes or colorful paper strips. On each note, they can write a special memory or moment they shared with their dad. Dad can read one note each day and relive those precious memories.

Interactive Treasure Hunt: Kids can create a treasure hunt for their dad, complete with clues and riddles. Each clue can lead him to a special place or object that holds significance for their relationship.

Personalized Story Stones: Children can collect smooth stones and paint them with different characters or objects representing their dad's favorite things. They can use these story stones to create imaginative stories together, taking turns picking stones and weaving a tale.

Remember, the most important thing is the effort and thoughtfulness put into the gift. These ideas encourage creativity and personalization, making Father's Day special for dads and their little ones.