Sponsorship Opportunity for Summer Bingo Event

June 6, 2023

I hope you're doing well and staying healthy. I am writing on behalf of our community to ask for your help and sponsorship for our upcoming Summer Bingo event. As a valued member of our local business community, we believe your establishment would be an excellent fit as a sponsor for this exciting event.

Harlem community together. It's a summer-long game that encourages participants to explore our beautiful neighborhood, discover local treasures, and experience exciting activities. With a unique set of bingo cards tailored to the summer season, this event promises endless fun and adventure for all ages to help our 772 families enjoy the summer in their neighborhood.

We would be extremely grateful if your company could sponsor the Summer Bingo event in one of the following ways:

Coupon Sponsorship: We'd like to ask your company to provide us with coupons or gift certificates worth $25-50 for your establishment. These coupons will serve as exciting prizes for our bingo winners, offering them a delightful opportunity to experience the offerings of your esteemed business.


Monetary Sponsorship: Alternatively, we invite your company to sponsor the Summer Bingo event with a monetary contribution of $100. This will aid us in covering the costs associated with organizing the event, including prizes, marketing materials, and venue expenses.

Your company will receive prominent recognition and exposure within our community as a sponsor. Here are some benefits we offer to our sponsors:

Logo and Brand Visibility: Your company logo will be prominently displayed on our event materials, including flyers, banners, and social media posts, ensuring wide exposure to community members.

Acknowledgment and Appreciation: During the event, we will acknowledge your company as a sponsor and appreciate your valuable support. We will also mention your establishment's name in press releases, social media, and community newsletters.

Community Engagement: By supporting the Summer Bingo event, your company will demonstrate its commitment to community engagement, fostering positive relationships, and creating a lasting impact.

Here is the link to our sponsorship form for your convenience. Could you fill out the necessary information and return it to us by July 1, 2023? If you have any specific requirements or ideas for cross-promotion, we are open to talking about them more.

By partnering with your company, we believe our Summer Bingo event will be even more exciting and successful, benefiting our community and your establishment. Your sponsorship will support a beloved community event, help promote local businesses, and create lasting connections.

Thank you for considering our sponsorship request. We eagerly await your positive response and the opportunity to collaborate with your company. If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me at or 347.539.4183.