Spooky Mummy Hot Dogs

October 19, 2023

Looking for a fun and delicious Halloween recipe? Try making Spooky Mummy Hot Dogs! These little mummies are perfect for a spooky, savory treat. Here's how to make them:


Hot dogs (as many as you need)

Crescent roll dough (store-bought)

Mustard or ketchup (for eyes)


Preheat your oven according to the crescent roll dough package instructions.

Take the crescent roll dough and unroll it. Cut it into thin strips, creating the "bandages" for the mummies.

Take a hot dog and wrap the strips of dough around it, leaving a small gap near the top for the "eyes."

Place the wrapped hot dogs on a baking sheet.

Bake the mummy hot dogs in the oven until the dough turns golden brown, following the crescent roll dough package instructions.

Once out of the oven, use mustard or ketchup to add "eyes" to your mummy hot dogs.

Enjoy your Spooky Mummy Hot Dogs for a Halloween-themed dinner or party snack!