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Muse Arts is excited to offer the Music Together curriculum to families of Central and East Harlem. 

All children can learn to sing in tune, keep a beat, and participate with confidence in the music of their culture, provided that their early environment supports such learning. Playing and doing music in classes brings out and nurtures children's inborn capabilities to respond to and make music, even as babies. The program helps develop bonds between parents, siblings, caregivers, and other members of the extended family. Plus, because music learning supports all learning, Music Together also fosters children's growth in other key developmental areas, including the cognitive, language, physical, and socio-emotional domains. 

With Music Together Mixed Ages (0-5 years), Music Together Babies (0-7 months), and Rhythm Kids (4-8 years), there's bound to be a class that's just right for your family. Contact Muse Arts to sign up or schedule a free trial!

Business Review

"My daughter's favorite song collection was Sticks, but the love of those songs has flowed through to the subsequent sessions. She sings in the morning, she puts herself to sleep in her bed singing, she sits on her chair holding her bunny singing and showing him the songbook. It's been so sweet to watch. I sometimes wondered how much of class was going in, and then something like this happens." – Sarah, Music Together Parent 

"We just love out Rhythm Kids classes with Miss Sandy! She is so good with the kids and really has such a great rapport with them. She has a fun upbeat personality and interacts with the students a lot throughout the class. Overall I've been impressed with Sandy and my daughter's experience with this class. I'm a public school music teacher so I can be pretty picky when it comes to music programs and I've been very happy with this program!" - Monica, Rhythm Kids Parent

"Sandy is the absolute best! She not only understands how beneficial music is for a child's development, but is so great at knowing just how to engage each child in class, regardless of age. We started our son in Music Together classes with Sandy at just 9 months old and today as a 2-year-old he is constantly singing and playing instruments. Sandy always provided great advice on how to incorporate what we learned in music class into our daily routines and our son really benefitted as a result. She brings so much enthusiasm, talent and kindness to every class, the whole family enjoyed every minute." – Sarah, Music Together Parent